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National REO Directory is the quickest and most cost-effective way to find and create valuable connections within the REO industry. Thousands of asset managers, brokers, and agents from all over the country use National REO Directory to find exceptional REO professionals and services.

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At National REO Directory we allow any REO Agents and Brokers to sign up. Unlike our competition we do not believe in gatekeeping the industry. We let our agents profile and resumes speak for themselves.

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    Vendor listing, per category (see list below), is now available at the following rates: For a Single State Plan, it costs $199.00 per year, while the 5-State Plan is priced at $599.00 per year. For those looking to cover ten or more states, the 10+ State Plan is offered at $999.00 per year. In each case, your company will be prominently featured every time a user searches within your service area and category.

    Vendors are experts in the industry who offer specialized services and products for the management and sale of REO properties. They are separate from brokers and agents and have their own distinct requirements for joining National REO Directory.

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